Today ip.labs is part of the FUJIFILM Group and the leading photo service software provider. ip.labs offers the complete portfolio of photo service and Web-to-Print solutions for selling photo books greeting cards, prints, personalized photo gifts, including anywhere from business card to large format printing, and much more. Our platform enables photo service providers to fully realize their potential in the rapidly changing digital imaging business.

Our native applications support all major platforms and we especially pay a lot of attention to the latest mobile market developments by designing our application to its special requirements. Our Internet Photo System (IPS), in addition to covering the complete range of access platforms, provides an entire end-to-end infrastructure including a standardized flexible integration of fulfillment partners, payment providers, and a comprehensive Back Office and CRM solution for optimizing the controlling of our clients′ online business. We owe our success to the close cooperation with leading wholesale finishers and leading photo service providers including retailers, media companies, ISPs, and specialized photo service providers.

Our Mission

We dedicate our insights to integrate the highly updated technology with our customers’ demands to generate our customers’ satisfaction and gratification to our delivered solutions. We are keen on creating the ultimate outstanding working environment to enhance our innovation and productivity. Our neverendingly aspiration is to attract new customers and instantly broaden and develop our current and solid customer-base.

Our Team

Our clear focus on digital imaging solutions has helped us to attract a team of leading software architects, software developers, designers and experienced industry experts all backed by a strong project management and experienced quality assurance professionals, whom provide constant innovation and cutting-edge photo service solutions.